We can save you thousands of dollars of architecture fees by doing our own design. I like to make my own blueprints, I build your project in my head as I draw the plans. When other people provide the blueprints, it’s hard to get into someone else’s head and think about how they envisioned your project. I will meet with you, and we’ll talk about your wish list and ideas. When I return to my office, I will use our CAD program to create a 3-D rendering of your addition, renovation, kitchen, or new home. Once it has been created, it can be changed or modified easily in order to give you what you want. All of the renderings become buildable blueprints and can be stamped by a licensed Engineer if required by your local municipality.

Interior Design

If you want or need more help in design, we will introduce you to Carrie Oesmann, our designer and owner of Bailiwick Interior Design. Carrie can design the entire project, work with you to find the perfect interior furnishing, design the kitchen of your dreams, or help you pick the perfect paint colors.

Designing To The Latest Trends

One thing that sets us apart from other contractors is that we take yearly design trips to New York City, Europe, and other U.S. cities in order to find new and exciting ideas that we can incorporate into our projects.

Historical Renovations

It can be difficult to incorporate new building materials and products into a historical renovation. Nothing beats the rust, patina, or time-worn-look of original pieces. We have been cultivating relationships with vintage warehouses and recycling agents and have vintage architectural pieces that can be included in your historic renovation. Some items that we often see on our travels include old doorknobs, Hoosier cabinets, furniture, stained glass, lights, and specific local items of your town. We can take road trips to Brimfield, Massachusetts, and many other large Antique markets in order to find the right piece for you. Our Jeep is packed when we return! Michelle and I will search antique stores, auctions, and flea markets for period items that you can use to decorate your project. These items can be incorporated into the design of your project so that they look like they were there all the time.