Project Description

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Our customers’ great-great-great grandmother was born in this old log farmhouse, and 4 generations later the home is still standing on one of the Lehigh Valleys oldest working farms.

Over the years the logs we covered up to protect them, a summer kitchen was added on, as well as a not so nice looking 1st floor bedroom. By the time our customers called us, it was beginning to show its age, and with four kids, they were running out of room.

We started by demolishing all the old additions except for the summer kitchen. It was the first time it stood alone since the Civil War. We secured the old stone foundations and admired how well the old logs looked for their age. We added on 2,400 square feet, tripling the size of this old farmhouse. A typical addition would have been out of scale to the original home. We decided to duplicate the size, shape, and scale of the old home and mirror that in an addition. All new roofing and siding cleaned up the outside. We would have loved to expose the old logs, but when preserving history, some things are better left covered and protected.