Project Description

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We renovated this historic home with an old two-story “sleeping porch” on the back. Years ago, in the summer people would sleep on these open-air porches to stay cool at night. The first floor was converted into a mud room and powder room, and a huge office area is on the second floor.

While this wasn’t one of our larger projects, it was probably one of the most detailed. The outside is clad in cement shingles that resemble the old cedar shakes, and all the trim is maintenance-free and prepainted. A small porch and wrought iron railing fits into the character of the neighborhood.

On the inside we matched up the four-part baseboard, milled our own window casing, and tracked down matching crown molding for the pediment heads. Hardwood flooring and built-in cubbies completed the area. We found a door in the basement and used it in the new bathroom to match it with the rest of the house.